Infrared Viera Inspections
Vibration Analysis
Arc Flash/OSHA
Pipe/Vessel UT Thickness testing

“Our Vision, Your Future”

Amerisk Engineering is your best choice for cost competitive infrared and arc-flash compliance services in the nation. Done together and your infrared 3RIVIERA is FREE. We have developed a logistical economy of scale and you benefit.

If you call us TODAY at 949-661-4800 a simple 3 minute conversation will convince you of what you still need to do to:

  • comply with local and federal mandates or
  • install basic PM industry standards of best maintenance practices
  • which both will make your work less hectic in the near future.
  • We take your facility as seriously as you do. We share our philosophy while dove-tailing with your own goals of success.

We’re affordable because we run a tight ship and manage job costs intelligently and efficiently. Yet,  we don’t cut corners, and are able to maintain mutual profitability for us and our clients.

We offer most everything you need to help you run a safe and efficient facility. Our list of services doesn’t just end with consulting. We are also a well-known inspection firm too.

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