Amerisk’s Cost-Competitive Advantage

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Amerisk Engineering is your best choice for cost competitive infrared and arc-flash compliance services in the nation.

We’re affordable because we run a tight ship and manage job costs smartly and efficiently.  We don’t cut corners, and yet maintain mutual profitability for us and our clients.

The Cost-Effective Arc Flash Risk Assessment:

  1.  Arc-flash labeling is mandated on all electrical equipment/panels.  The only way to make a proper arc-flash assessment is to open up panels, inventory equipment and ratings, and to inspect for other hazards that could increase the likelihood of an arc-flash incident or worsen the effects.  Visual inspection items include the amount of dust, condensation, a faulty installation of equipment, and/or corrosion of connections.  A proper arc-flash study involves looking at all of these factors.  We’re not making this up! OSHA says it right here – [ CLICK HERE ].  How we keep costs down is by using our own professional staff to conduct inspections, collect data, and compile engineering calculations/reports.
  1. Employees MUST be trained on electrical safety according to their category of risk.  This process involves a careful analysis of risk factors related to job description.  Again, a generic safety course is not what OSHA is looking for.  They want you to train your employees by groups.  You need a knowledgeable risk assessment inspection to accomplish this prerequisite to training.  We’re able to keep costs down for our clients on this aspect of OSHA compliance by having a highly competent and experienced in-house regulatory analyst.  He’s been a professional educator for over two decades and highly acclaimed for his teaching skills.
  1. Do you have appropriately rated personal protective equipment on site?  Perhaps you think that, as long as you only use outside workers to repair/inspect electrical equipment, you have no obligation to keep PPE on site.  That’s flatly wrong.  OSHA requires that you make YOUR entire work environment safe for all workers who come to your site.  You are what is known as a “host employer” when it comes to outside vendors and workers.  Again, this comes directly from OSHA, not us. [ CLICK HERE ].

Infrared Checklist:

Are you using an electrical repairman for infrared and arc-flash compliance?  If so, this is not good.

This would not be prudent because there is an inherent conflict of interest. For every anomaly/defect found, the electrician/repairman has an economic incentive to charge for the repair.  Moreover, certain laws prohibit such conflicts of interest.  Additionally, knowledge of the current laws is compulsory when it comes to OSHA and there is a strong likelihood that your repairman is not keeping up on the complexities of the law.

Is the most up to date technology being used for conducting your inspection?

Amerisk Engineering utilizes an NASA-grade FLIR infrared camera for conducting our studies and generating detailed reports for our clients.  Many of our competitors are using cheaper solutions which discover less defects and thereby jeopardize customers.  Not only can a failure to detect an error increase the likelihood of a costly fire, human life is put at risk when critical defects are not detected.

Are proper methodologies being used in determining the value of thermographic data?

 Much of the success of the inspection will hinge on methodology used.
Ask if our competitor use a thermal table to recognize whether a certain temperature is normal for a certain device. Ask who publishes that (there are none published).  Experience and education are critical to creating a meaningful infrared report.