Free Facility Audits

Get a Free Audit Today!

The FREE audit is our way to make you aware of what you may be missing especially when rated against so-called ISO 9000 WORLD-CLASS facilities.

All at no obligation. We talk for about 20 minutes. You learn a few things. We take a brief facility tour. Your input will reveal a lot that leaves you vulnerable to monetary waste, fines, liability, inefficiencies of time and machinery, vendor performance, and more.

It’s just good to have a REALITY CHECK rather than business as usual!

We offer the following audits;

  1. Management of the PM function
    1. PM vs AM(Anticipation Maintenance)
    2. Discover missing PMs which need conducting
  2. Energy Audit
    1. Applying correct utility tariffs
    2. Controlling refractory envelope losses
    3. Fixing roof leaks
    4. Reduce energy usage before paying for another audit
  3. OSHA Compliance
    1. Arc-flash
      1. NFPA70E vs NB vs IEEE 1584
    2. SLD(Single Line Diagrams Every 5 years)
    3. Short Circuit
    4. Other OSHA Mandates
  4. Presale Audit/Postsale Audit
    1. Find out problems before selling a building
    2. Discover problems before/after buying a building
    3. Price out necessary repairs
  5. Vendor Audit
    1. How to select a vendor
    2. Know the criteria needed to exercise good judgement
    3. Useful for RFPs (Request For Proposals)
    4. Find out about their qualifications before it’s too late