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Infrared VIERA

Amerisk Engineering provides a scientific version of infrared inspection: the 3RIVIERA


3 year Rotation Inspection: Vibration & Infrared Electrical Risk Assessment”



“3RIVIERA” is a Scientific Infrared Inspection

A powerful departure from ordinary infrared “scanning” 

3RIVIERA is an Amerisk Engineering Corp proprietary scientific radiometric infrared inspection with its own techno-methodology of thermal normalcy recognition using a thermodynamics table of most major electrical devices by NEMA class, manufacturer, load ratio, etc. This is a far cry from ordinary infrared scanning as basic infrared inspections are known.  Which results in far greater results!

3RIVIERA infrared and vibration service is very different from standard infrared services in that its reports usually will generally evidence 2 to 30 times as many provable “exceptions” (meaning defects often called “anomalies“).

Our inspectors are not paid a bounty for finding faults, as it would promote the impression they may be motivated to be alarmists. But they are expected to be on standards for the average number of defects found per month.

All the defects or anomalies reported by our inspectors are reviewed by a senior engineer in the office to ensure all the anomalies reported are valid. As professionals, they understand the enormous responsibilities they have towards our Amerisk Engineering clients. Our staff of inspectors are well vetted, certified and retested periodically. They are encouraged to contribute articles in our blogs and outside publications. On site, they can become involved in sharing more than just an electrical inspection opinions, as many are also knowledgeable in the overall functioning of a facility. In other words, they are not just “button pushers” as so many newbies and unschooled “inspectors” unfortunately are in this field.


The four main reasons for our success and reputation are:


A) Highest Quality of Infrared Imagers

Our Amerisk Engineering 3RIVIERA program of electrical and electro-mechanical defects identification and overall risk assessment is predicated on the highest resolution and newest FLIR imagers (they are in fact not cameras)

Our clients deserve the absolute best! Why pay the same for old and inaccurate ?


B) Proprietary Unpublished Thermal Tables

Our infrared (IR) field data is checked against our Amerisk Engineering proprietary tables of unpublished thermal profiles for most breakers, switches, contractors, fuses, transformers, etc. categorised by manufacturer, model Nr, NEMA class, load ratio and other analytics. Acquired over 30 years of research it appears no one else possesses such exhaustive list of devices thermal profiles.


C) Our fully scientific analysis software


Most ordinary infrared scans do not produce a report with the infrared image containing any RADIOMETRIC MARKERS. These are areas we highlight to capture the highest temperatures (sometimes the lowest) where the suspected “exception” is believed to be originating from allowing for exact repairs. Then we correlate it by thermal lines to another similar area and show the ‘delta” (difference) between two similar connection points or devices. We also contrast it with the ambient air which is another way to show the severity of a defect (anomaly in the official infrared thermography 101 parlance).

D) Our Inspectors

Amerisk Engineering infrared field inspectors always make the difference. A high quality tool in the right hands! Anyone can buy a guitar and play a tune in an hour but few will give a concert rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Wooden Heart.”

Owning a great infrared imager does not make one an expert. Smarts, proper training, methodology and years of experience will.

As graduate engineers, master electricians, or facility techs we have earned our stripes and offer the ultimate in inspections something sometimes hard to measure.

Some facility managers feel that if they haven’t had an explosion or electrical losses at their property that their present vendor must be doing all right. Wrong.

               The odds of suffering a fire or an explosion are 1 in 145,000. Not having had a mishap with your electrical is not a good yardstick for evaluating a vendor’s performance. You have the ultimate responsibility for evaluating the potential for false alerts and alerts missed. Both of which can be very costly. One for repairing things that don’t need repairing and Two for failing to flag a potential catastrophe.This is called a RISK PROFILE and it may be heightened by a poor inspection without knowing it.

How do you evaluate your risk profile?

             First you must hire a qualified inspection company. Not necessarily a mass routine inspection company.
             Our inspectors have broad knowledge and are definitely not button pushers (you can ask them about Stefan-Bolzmann’s or Kirchoff’s Laws or the theories of thermo-dynamics, heat transfer, Voltage lag, dynamic impedance effect on nuisance tripping, dew point or enthalpy. They will know.

            We are routinely retained as a third party second opinion consultants to evaluate some outlandish claims by these volume routine infrared inspections.

E) Pure Inspections Only. Not a Contractor. 

No hidden agenda!

A recent trend has been for electrical contractor to purchase an infrared camera (usually a cheaper one) and offer their “services” at a deep discount and claim to be  INSTANT experts!

It is encouraged to hire only an inspection vendor that offers inspections only and not repairs. A electrical repair contractor represent an obvious conflict of interest.
Even if assessed as honest and truthful and even if not doing the repairs of the so-called “defects” they report on, there is an appearance of impropriety to corporate overseers AND more importantly in liability lawsuits where such a conflict of interest would become quickly apparent to the plaintiff’s lawyers.
Inspectors who only inspect are full time unlike electrical contractors. They do not benefit from their own inspections with the more lucrative repairs and their advice is definitely more believable. A philosophy obviously not held by a franchisor of IR services who sells an infrared program to electrical contractors in order to help them  maximize the number of defects. The loser are the site owners.

“Would you trust your dog to watch your food?”

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE AN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR TO DO YOUR INFRARED INSPECTION. It is a huge conflict of interest and an ethical issue. It is also a violation of Contractor State Boards laws at the residential level in most US states. They also are not full-time nor experienced.


F) Cross Technologies

We will rarely use an infrared imager alone. Our inspectors often carry other very specific and calibrated tools:

1) An ultrasonic probe to detect corona effect or tracking in transformers >1000V

2) A Sound meter for 600V class transformers, motors and sound proofing issues.

3) A high-grade amprobe to ensure correct identification of defects/severity. Thermal profiles relate to load ratios.

4) A vibration overall analyser to cover your drive-trains (motors, fans, compressors, pumps, chillers) to give you a condition assessment of your shaft alignment, bearings, motor windings,

5) THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) range preferably at transformers to facilitate future mitigation

6)multi-meter reading in mV amps and a ground probe reading in mA

7) Real time supervision: you or us can view IR images of concern from an iPhone or iPad while our engineers are at your facility.


This powerful integration of these technologies is unique to Amerisk Engineering. Many of our pioneering changes have been copied by competitors, such as the reporting of NEC/NFPA/OSHA violations quoting the code sections affected, laminations of page reports when a printed report is required, color coding severity of anomalies (essentially only two (2) levels of action: NOW or LATER to avoid unnecessary distinctions, and much more, But no thermal tables other than ours are known to exist.


G) Scope of an Amerisk Engineering Infrared Risk Assessment Inspection

1) Transformers:

  •  Assuming you have maintained your transformers, they are rarely prone to defects.  We open these every three (3) years when you are on our 3-year rotation pro-active maintenance program (discounted for these clients).
  • As field engineers we answer to certain standards. We are favored by quality facility managers who want complete and reliable answers and appreciate that we also are qualified as court of law expert witnesses should it ever be needed. We have helped ease defendants liabilities in lawsuits involving construction defects in electrical and electro-mechanical issues and have also helped plaintiffs in the opposite situations.
  • Expect Amerisk Engineering Corp to find at least double the number of valid defects. Sometimes, as high as 30 times! If you only want a perfunctory (for the form) inspection we are really not for you. We answer to and exceed world ISO standards, IEEE, ANSI, NETA, and others.

2) Vibration Analysis of All Rotating Equipment Including Roof Units and Chillers

We test your motors and pumps with our NASA-grade Infrared Imagers with resolution unmatched elsewhere. Yet, without the added dimension of vibration analysis you will never know if you have a failing bearing, a misalignment condition or a rotor problem. We offer this on a regular basis while doing the rest of your electrical inspection.

3) All Roof Disconnects (tenants can be Included) Are Your Responsibility and getting heads up on HVAC controls is useful. 

Roof disconnects are your responsibility. Especially if they are fused the possibility of a fire is higher and a roof fire is as bad as any.

4) All Roof Packaged Units Control Panels

While these units are generally under a service contract with an HVAC specialist who is on call they do not do infrared assessment of their breakers, fuse racks and contractors. Knowing when a unit is about to fail will get you those repaired at no cost.

5) Faulty Grounds at Main Breaker to Avoid Nuisance Tripping

We use a very expensive ground mA meter to measure what ground may be at the main breaker. This will avoid nuisance tripping or help finding the source of it. Too many electrical contractors replace a very expensive 1200-3000A breaker ($10-$50,000) when the cause is usually almost never the breaker but a ground fault, a short circuit or an overload.

6) Utility Sealed Incoming Cable to Bus Connections

In your main electrical rooms, the incoming service by the utilities is under a panel which is sealed. As a result, no one ever dares check the crimp condition nor the paddles attached to the bus runs. We have broken those seals since 1980s. And with good but a few worthy results!

7) All Violations of OSHA, NEC, NFPA, IEEE, Codes.

This means we know our codes (6 ft rule, 1200A 2 egress rule, wire sizing, flammables, and some more you never heard of !)


Every main ER (Electrical Room. Different from a hospital ER !) must have a fuse supply cabinet covering all fuse sizes (in 3s) used in that particular room. Every fuse must be checked for accurate coordination and correlation to one another. Thats the job of a Coordination Study usually done during an ARC FLASH RISK ASSESSMENT (AFRA) study, an OSHA NFPA70E mandate.

9) Other Tests are Conducted as Needed (See our line up)

Click to download a sample of one of our comprehensive reports

Sample page of report

Note our innovations: radiometric boxes to identify defect areas, arrow pointers to emphasise, Estimate of cost of repairs box, Expansion of line radiometer, to X-Y graph, RED color at right of image and top right corner of report page to express severity, plain advice and references to NEC codes, amperage matched with mV losses or temperatures or both.

We have immediate availability anywhere in Southern California with focus on Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. We have offices in Hawaii (Oahu), Las Vegas, New York, Phoenix, Atlanta and Dallas.

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