Secure Data Matters: The Amerisk Reporting Difference

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Secure Data Matters: The Amerisk Reporting Difference

At Amerisk Engineering, we are always trying to improve the quality of the services we provide to our valued clients.  Maximum quality is being constantly pursued with on our sales approach, up to date technology in the field, delivery of inspection and preventative maintenance services, and in how we provide you the information you need to be able to properly analyze your facility’s risk assessment. Amerisk is setting the gold-standard when it comes to providing our clients with secure information exchanges. We are giving our utmost in the assurance that sensitive information will not end up in the wrong person’s hands.

Given the current geo-political environment, we know that it is important to our clients that sensitive SLD information, architectural drawings, and electrical distribution system information be kept safe and secure.  This is especially so for our hospitality, healthcare, and casino clients.

We are proud to announce that we have decided to use Citrix’ ShareFile service in providing secure reporting information to our clients.  With this service, we provide you with a link to your secure client file.  This file contains your reports, any notes, and all relevant supporting data for your report (i.e., IR and DC images, field notes, equipment inventories, etc).  This allows you to review the data you need and empowers you to ask the questions you need to in order to be the most effective in assessing and eliminating electrical safety risks.

Amerisk has tried other services in the past, such as, but have found that Citrix provides the best solution for security, ease of use, and customer service.  We found that DropBox was severely lacking in customer service, refused to address concerns about security, and did not allow the customization options we need for our valuable clients.  Other comparable services were lacking in overall functionality.  We look forward to client feedback on your experience and we are happy to provide this value-added service to our clients.